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At last! An easy-to-use tool to keep track of what needs to be done throughout the entire company. Whether it´s essential or trivial, big or small. Recurring tasks (routines) or one-off activities, all compiled in the to-do list of the person responsible for carrying it out.

Task management in practice!
Just enter the task to be done, when it needs to be done and who needs to do it. You, or someone else. Buskoll keeps track of it. If it is not completed in time, Buskoll automatically moves it to the next day, and the next...until it is done.
It is equally easy to send tasks to other people in the company. The task goes right into the recipients to-do list, instead of ending up further and further down in their Inbox, which can easily happen with email. In Buskoll, you can also receive notifications when the task has been marked as completed or overdue. It is also possible to create an organisation with several departments, as well as users with different access rights.

A daily to-do list for every single day of the year - A To-do-calendar!
But what really makes Buskoll unique, is that every user always has their own to-do list for every single day of the year. All tasks are listed on the days they should be completed, including all recurring tasks. This makes it possible to plan work in advance.
For example, you can change the person responsible for tasks well in advance of any planned vacation, or share tasks with someone else when you are not sure if you will have time to do everything yourself.
And it does not matter what it concerns. Buskoll can handle most types of tasks, or processes. Big or small, simple or complicated. Even recurring processes with many sub-tasks that must be completed at different times and have different people responsible for them.

Features include:
One to-do list for each day.
Task timing.
Process management.
Recurring tasks.
Automatic management of tasks on public holidays.
Overdue tasks are displayed in red.
Alerts with push-notifications and email.
Shared tasks.
Groups for common tasks.
Confirmations for tasks that are sent to other people.
Templates for tasks/processes.
Users with different access rights.
Instant messaging to all users.

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